This is the repository for information related to plants that we cultivate and process; herbal medicine-making and therapeutics;  and other articles, publications and educational materials.

It is part of our mission to increase the availability of free, high quality information regarding herbalism and botanical medicine.  The more we know and share our knowledge, the greater the chances of our Art to heal the damage in this cultures healthcare model and return wellness independence to people!

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“I would rather know what kind of person has a disease than what kind of disease a person has.” 




hydrosols are a great way to capture some of the volatile oils and essential oils of plants.



Infusing Herbal Oils

An oil infusion is an herbal preparation that is crafted for external use.

Making Tinctures

Tinctures are herbal preparations that use something beyond water as a solvent.

Making Tea

An herbal tea infusion is perhaps the simplest preparation you can make.

Three Useful Salves

Antiseptic salve, Comfrey salve and Antifungal salve

Plant Information

Angelica Catnip Elecampane Lavender Bee Balm Mullein Scullcap
Arnica Chamomile Feverfew Lemon Balm Nettles Spilanthes
Astragalus Cleavers Garlic Licorice Oats St. John’s Wort
Black Cohosh Coltsfoot Ginseng, American Lily of the Valley Peppermintnt Thyme
Blue Vervain Comfrey Goldenrod Lobelia Red Clover Valerian
Burdock Dandelion Gotu Kola Meadowsweet Red Raspberry Yarrow
Calendula Echinacea Hawthorn Motherwort Red Reishi Yellowdock
California Poppy Elder Hops