The proprietor of Grian Herbs, Iris Gage, is a registered clinical herbalist and certified aromatherapist.  While managing the apothecary, she also offers her time for private, one-on-one sessions to explore herbal, aromatic and nutritional therapeutic options for health and  well-being.  Iris incorporates many alternative healing modalities, including Ayurvedic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Folk and Western Medicine.  During the intake, Iris will ask a number of questions about your health history, primary concerns and goals, emotional status, organ systems, as well as look at your tongue and take your pulse (Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques).  Appointments are held above the Grian Apothecary in Iris’s private practitioner office. Initial consultations typically run between 60-90 minutes and are often focused around…

 •    Nourishing foods that are right for you

     Specific herbs & essential oils for specific diagnoses

 •    Improving immunity, digestion, sleep and other common ailments

 •  Being able to “experience” less stress

 •    Pre-natal, pregnancy, post-natal health

 •    Family health – children to elderly

Sliding Scale Pricing and Scheduling Information

Consultations          $100/session

Herbs/Medicine     $10 – 30/month (approx)

 Please call (802) 223-0043 to make an appointment or for further information.  Please also allow up to 4 weeks for initial consultation scheduling